Melbourne is known for it’s food, it’s some of the best in the world and there is one thing we can’t get enough of.


We got our mates at Burgers Of Melbourne on board to help us find Melbourne’s finest meat in bread and they have done an amazing job.

They have tried over 100 burgers for us and these are the burgers thats scored ABOVE a 9/10.

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The List;
Cafe 51 – South Melbourne – Rating 9.5
Burger Order – Jalapeno Business Burger


The burger itself was actually really good and I was amazed at why it wasn’t pumping, it moved straight into my top 5 without hesitation, I added an extra patty as always in which the staff told me would be a struggle to complete, but I actually think I could have added a third (maybe just to impress the company).

Dandenong Pavillion – Dandenong – Rating: 9.5
Burger Order – The General

A must go for all burger enthusiasts, the Dandenong Pavilion has a secret burger menu that you have to ask for specifically when you arrive, if you do not ask for this secret menu you will not be fortunate enough to experience the true beauty that Dandenong Pavilion has to offer.

Demazzi Stone Grill – Essendon – Rating: 9.5
Burger Order – The Lucky Mac


This burger wasn’t actually on their menu, me and my burger mates came to Demazzi Stone Grill in July 2015, customised the burger on their specials board to suit our taste and then named it and put it on social media so they had no choice but to put it on their menu, this burger is now called ‘The Lucky Mac’ and is a permanent fixture on their menu 😛 (you can thank me later)

Three One 2 One – Richmond – Rating: 9.4
Burger Order – A New Force

The presentation is spot on and the first bite of this burger was mouthwatering. WOW, hats off to the chef for coming up with something near perfection! Perfectly cooked patties bursting with flavour, the right amount of sauces and complementary ingredients that just wants you craving more.

Grand Trailer Park – CBD- Rating: 9.4
Burger Order – The Atomic


The guys behind GTP are the same as the The Dandenong Pavilion this place is awesome! Friendly staff, great burgers, perfect atmosphere, a view of the best city in the world and affordable prices.

Hello Sam – South Yarra – Rating: 9.4
Burger Order – Uncle Sam Double

Perfectly cooked medium beef patties on a super soft brioche bun that just melts in your mouth.

Something I haven’t had anywhere else is ‘cheddar melt’ and WOWEE it is something else, I don’t know where this stuff has come from, but it makes a huge difference and really enhances the whole burger experience.


Easey’s – Collingwood – Rating: 9.3
Burger Order– Double Easy Cheese

This is the softest bun, meat combination I have ever had. Not only do the patties melt in your mouth, but so does the bread. A consistent bite all the way through from start to end.

1090 – Richmond – Rating: 9
Burger Order – The Macros

The patties were soft and juicy, cooked to a medium with a hint of pink, the fried chicken inclusion was fried to perfection and the grilled chorizo, mozzarella and 2 x Bacon wrapped jalapeños were a stroke of genius.


Changz Canteen – Elsternwick – Rating : 9
Burger Order – Chilli Cheeseburger

The soft buns, the melt in your mouth patties, the juicy chicken, crunchy bacon and a nice kick with their house made chilli sauce, this burger was exactly what I was expecting. The best thing about this burger is it actually had no salad, it had the basics and they were done right.

Burger Business – Footscray – Rating: 9
Burger Order – Double Bacon Feast

The beef patties are simply awesome and the clear stand out in this burger, they were cooked to perfection, a little bit of pink, soft and juicy and full of flavour. The bacon has had an upgrade since my first visit and could seriously be one of the best bacons on a burger in Melbourne and to top it off with a nice soft milk bun this really is a stand out burger.


YOMG – Glen Waverley – Rating : 9
Burger Order – The Creeper

Everything worked together perfectly, with the melt in your mouth patties, plenty of crispy bacon, oozing sauce and a cheese – I just didn’t want it to end.

Royal Stacks – CBD – Rating : 9
Burger Order – The King

I am a sucker for the Mac n Cheese in a burger so the king burger was right up my ally and by far my pick of the royals. I also love potato gems and guess what, Royal Stacks serve with mean batch with melted cheese smothered over the top, YES!


Cultural Commons – Springvale – Rating : 9
Burger Order – The American Nightmare

The beef patties in The American Nightmare were cooked medium to perfection with a nice pink centre. Big 180g patties with a perfect cheese melt and soft buns puts this burger very high on the list of all lists.

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