Eating and sharing a block of chocolate is a rewarding and joyful activity for many, but what if you could make your chocolate-eating experience even more joyful? The team behind the nation’s best-loved chocolate range, Cadbury Dairy Milk, has compiled a guide to chocolate etiquette with tips on how to get the most out of eating your favourite flavours.

How to eat your favourite chocolate block

1. The flavour-saver: Finished sharing your block? Feel like you want more? If you want to savour every last ounce of that chocolatey taste, suck each piece when it’s in your mouth to prolong the flavour. Creamier flavours with ‘gooey centres’ like Crunchie, Caramello or Peppermint also help to maximise the after-taste of your chocolate fix.

2. Don’t go too large: Don’t be too hasty when breaking squares of a block. You might be tempted to get stuck straight into your block, whether it’s a smooth flavour such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, devilish combination such as Top Deck or a nutty flavour such as Hazelnut but resist eating a few squares at a time! Keep to one square each mouthful to avoid over-indulging and to avoid overpowering your tastebuds.

3. Get nostalgic: Eating sweeter flavours like Snack (which includes strawberry, pineapple, orange, coconut ice, Turkish Delight and caramel), Cherry Ripe or Turkish Delight can take you back to your childhood when you discovered bold flavours for the first time. When putting the first square in your mouth, take yourself down memory lane to maximise the taste and engagement with your chocolate.

4. Resist the chomp: If you are eating a flavour with a hard-centre like Rocky Road, Roast Almond or Black Forest, don’t chomp the squares straight away! Let the chocolate slowly melt on the tongue to release the fillings and flavours. Once this has happened, munch the chocolate to reveal any remaining ‘hidden’ flavours.

5. Drink water: Be sure to drink a glass of water to clear your palette before your chocolate fix. This will help you remove any other flavours that heighten your sense of taste


6. Snap not break: In the excitement of opening a block of chocolate, it can be all too tempting to pull your block apart to share with your family and friends. But be careful as you do this – you can minimise the amount of pieces that come off squares if you give them with a cleaner, crisper snap rather than being too soft, keeping more pieces back for your delectation! All Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks are made specifically for sharing – they have done the hard work so you don’t have to!

7. Morning fix: Take advantage of your tastebuds being sharpest during the morning. Enjoy your favourite flavour, in moderation of course, as a morning snack to give your day a kick-start.

Cadbury Dairy Milk spokesperson Ben Wicks said, “While there is no one way to eat chocolate, we know that many people have particular rituals and tend to be creatures of habit. We want to encourage Aussies to make the most of the flavours in our chocolate and enhance the sensory experience that each of them has to offer. The next time you take a bite, give some of our tips a try!”

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