2020 has been quite the year for bottle shops, and heading in to the Christmas season, they’re looking to get any quieter any time soon.

But for those who hate the Christmas crowds that seem to greet you at every Dan Murphy’s in every December, you might just have a solution.

From today, Dan is introducing Q-Tracker, which will mean that you can check in to see how busy your local store is before you even get up to leave.

You can also check the busiest times and days of the week to plan your bottlo run ahead of time.

Here’s how you use the tracker:


Step 1: Head to: https://www.danmurphys.com.au/Stores/all-stores
Step 2: Enter the postcode or suburb of your preferred store and you’ll be taken to the store details page.
Step 3: Check the store details to view the estimated wait to enter the store and the most popular times of the store. Selecting the store icon on the map also shows if there is no queue, or a short or long queue.
Step 4: Based on the location of your preferred store, we’ll show you the closest nearby stores and whether it has a queue or not – just below the details of your preferred store.
Step 5: To help you plan when to shop, click through on any of the nearby stores which will open a new page where you can view those stores most popular times as well.

Of course, if you’re like me you’ll be frantically doing your alco shopping on Christmas Eve with what seems to be everyone else in the country.

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