Just as we were thinking to ourselves, ‘hmm it’s the start of spring. Maybe we should start thinking about getting our summer body in order?’, the good people at McDonald’s had other plans…

The game that’s sent people absolutely mental in the past is on it’s way BACK to Maccas with plenty of prizes coming with it. Yep, Mcdonald’s Monopoly is BACK BABY! And it literally starts today.

According to the fast food giant’s Facebook page, there are more prizes to win this time than ever before. We’re literally talking MILLIONS of prizes.

And it’s super easy to win too! In case you haven’t played the Maccas Monopoly before (and if that’s the case, what have you been doing with your life?), here’s how it works.

Head to your nearest McDonald’s and purchase one of their participating products. If you purchase a medium or large extra value meal, you’ll get more chances the win!

You’ll then find game tickets located on the packaging which you peel off to reveal three different ways to win – An instant win, a collect to win or a chance card.


All you have to do then, is download the MyMaccas App and enter the ticket code to redeem your prizes! You’ll also have to keep the physical tickets in a safe spot because you’ll need them to help you claim your physical prize.

Food prizes include burgers, breakfast menu items, desserts and MORE! Some of the bigger instant win prizes include vouchers, free fuel for a year, a European holiday and even a freaking jet ski!

You can also check out all the awesome prizes you can win through the collect and win option here, like $3,000 cash from Shopback or a car!

See why people are so obsessed with this? Yeah, it’s awesome! And if you thought the original Monopoly board game was competitive, just you wait… You ain’t seen nothing yet!

It all kicks off in store today (4th September) and finished on 29th October 2019. Find out more here!

Good luck everyone!

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