Bacon flavoured donuts? Check. Wasabi? Tick. Bubble gum? You got it. Champagne? Apparently. Mi Goreng flavoured? It exists now!

Melbourne isn’t afraid to try new and exotic flavours, so it’s no surprise that our friends at Bistro Morgan have turned one of our favourite quick-and-easy meals into a fully-fledged doughnut flavour. 

Made with a kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) dough, this bizarre creation is filled to the brim with chilli chocolate custard, topped with mi goreng glaze, and sprinkled with ramen noodles and sweet chilli droplets. While this combo sounds outright bizarre, Melburnians are flocking to the artisan doughnut store to get their hands on one of these bad boys. 

The limited edition doughnut is the marvellous creation of Bistro Morgan’s owner, Morgan Hipworth. At just 17, the teen is raking up the dough, selling upwards of 10,000 doughnuts a day. While we cannot confirm how many of these are Mi Goreng flavoured, we’re guessing a helluva lot of them are. 

The gastronomic concoction has been created as part of Bonbo and Indomie’s Melbourne take over which sees multiple restaurants put their own spin on the student stapel. 


Want one? Maybe two? Well it’s your lucky day – you can now devour these noodly treats from today until Sunday at Bistro Morgan in Windsor. We’ll see you there!