Knox’s favourite Irish pub is expected to close within two weeks unless a last-minute deal can be struck on its rental negotiations.

The Seamus O’Toole’s Irish pub, fondly known as ‘The Irish’ or ‘The Rish’ opened in 2002 as part of the Knox Ozone precinct.

According to the Knox Leader, the pub will be closing in the first week of June following a breakdown in rental negotiations with Westfield Knox.

It is believed that management is seeking a discount on their $60,000-a-month rent to remain open. 

The pub – known for its Monday night industry drinks, weekend parties and food – will be holding an event called ‘The Last Goodbye’. 

The event, which was created by a regular pub-goer, is scheduled for May 27th, and already has close to 2,000 people listed as attending. 

“The news has brought a shock to us all who’ve grown up loving this “Little Local” but we all know every journey has an end and the Rish has reached the end,” the event page reads.


“So let’s all come on down and say one last goodbye in a epic night out! ‘GO HARD, OR GO HOME!'”

The Knox Leader claim that the pub’s management is holding final negotiations with Westfield Knox. An outcome is expected at the end of the week. 

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