A school has been forced to ban most dairy products to protect a students life as suffers from a life-threatening allergy.

Sandringham Primary School, which was destroyed by fire in February and is using temporary classrooms without washing facilities, has told parents not to send items such as yogurt pouches in for lunch.

 Principal Louise Neave said, in a letter seen by the Herald Sun: “As you may be aware, we have a child this year with severe allergies, or anaphylaxis, to dairy.’’

“This allergy is life-threatening and requires adrenaline to be administered and would mean the child would have to go to hospital by ambulance.

“We are asking for your co-operation to keep this child safe.”

“Here at the new Sandringham Primary Village, we no longer have sinks in the classroom areas where the children can wash their hands immediately when they have food on them, so have had to adjust our practices accordingly,” she said.

“We understand that dairy is an important part of your children’s diet, but are asking if you could please not bring any yoghurt pouches or milk drinks to school, as they could easily be spilt and are difficult to clean up and contain.”


The year one could have a reaction if he  “touches any foods with milk proteins.’’

She has also asked parents not to order  milk drinks from the canteen as the children could have other drinks such as smoothies, juices and slurpees.

“We would also like you to consider not including other dairy products in the children’s lunch boxes that could be easily spilt or spread, this includes cheese dips, cheese wedges and cheese based chips such as Cheezels and Twisties (as the cheese dusting sticks to fingers). A tasty cheese sandwich however, is perfectly fine. If you are looking for suitable alternatives. Please ask us and we will endeavour to help you, but soy and coconut based products are a good option.”

Sandringham Primary has around 500 students. 

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