It’s a universal opinion that the Oreo McFlurry is the superior McFlurry.

Do-nut argue with me!

But Maccas has just introduced a game-changer to their UberEATs menu, the Donut Ball McFlurry.

I’M WILLING to hear this out.

Whole donut balls topping the whipped cloudy sweet goodness of the soft serve, you can also get hot fudge sauce AND crushed cookie pieces to mix in…. bye.

Four crispy outer and spongey centred donut balls balanced with a creamy ice cream and sticky sauce, it’s unbelievably genius.

It’s only offered for a limited time, from 4th November to 17th of November.


That means… *takes out calculator*, I can get 1 a day for 14 days, 14 donut ball McFlurrys!

But remember, these are NOT available in stores (which is honestly insane, why the heck not?)

You can only buy these off UberEats like you needed

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