Australia’s own chocolate cafe Koko Black is teaming up with phenomenal Japanese desserterie Tokyo Lamington this World Chocolate Day, like we needed another excuse to devour some cocoa. 

If you haven’t heard of Tokyo Lamington it’s the brainchild of Eddie Stewart, the rockstar behind BlackStar Pastry’s Strawberry & Watermelon Cake as well as N2 Extreme Gelato!

They’ll be creating three uniquely flavoured Lamingtons which will be available for ONE.DAY.ONLY.

So get prepared, on Monday the 7th of July, for $21 you can grab a pack of the three Lamingtons from all Koko Black stores in Melbourne!

But what are the flavours and why do I care? You may be asking. 



The flavours are a nod to unique native Australian ingredients with Caramelised Coconut, Davidson Plum and Sao Thome and Triple Chocolate. 

Caramelised Coconut Lamington

Imagine almond, caramelised coconut cremeux covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with more caramelised coconut.

Davidson Plum and Sao Thome Lamington

This one’s a little different…Imagine the sweet and sour sensation of an Australian native Davidson Plum combined with Koko Black’s rich, fruity dark Sao Thome ganache. 


Triple Choc Lamington 

It’s World Chocolate Day remember?! Of course you need to indulge in a triple choc situation. 

With 80% dark chocolate ganache coated in more dark chocolate and rolled in crispy dark chocolate shavings… send the ambulance please.

Remember these are available for one day only and are in limited supply!

So head down to Koko Black on Tuesday the 7th July and grab yourself a trio of perfection. 

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