When it was discovered that buffets would be disappearing from our lives, Jase & PJ wanted to pay tribute with a quiet moment’s silence on-air… until the emergency music tape kicked in and buffets had a brand new anthem.

‘Jackie’ by Joanne Accom.


We need to update the emergency tape 😂 #fyp

♬ original sound – jaseandpj

After deciding through a massive city-wide event called The Last Buffet, encouraging all Melburnians to create the experience in the comfort (and safety) of their own homes, Jase & PJ thought it was appropriate to have a theme song.

So much so, they invited Joanne Accom into the studio to re-record her classic 90’s track with new buffet-inspired lyrics, and she actually AGREED!!

And the results… well, let’s just say PJ had a LOT of fun!


Hear the buffet remix below, performed by Joanne Accom and PJ…

Want to be a part of The Last Buffet on Wednesday, May 27? Get the details on our Facebook event!

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