It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic will alter the way we live our lives for the foreseeable future. Until we know the virus has completely come and gone, you never know when you could encounter it when you’re outside your house.

Gee, I guess that’s why they keep telling us to stay indoors…

One of the big industries that will have a shake-up will be hospitality. If you think about it, there is a lot of ‘sharing’ when it comes to sitting down at a cafe or restaurant to enjoy a meal. For example, a lot of people could have touched the same menu in one day. If it’s a popular venue, the owners will probably try to squeeze as many people as possible inside too, so we aren’t able to social distance.

Jase & PJ discussed what this could look like with the owner of popular Italian joint Gradi Johnny, who gave us his insight and experience.

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