Every year there seems to be a new flavour of hot cross buns that we get excited about..

And this year, a line may have been crossed.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has released his new hot cross bun recipe and has decided that no, Nutella shouldn’t be included…

But cheese and chives should.

In a post to his Instagram account, Jamie shared a photo of the cheesy buns, saying. “Freshly baked hot cross buns … but these aren‘t just any hot cross buns, these are CHEESE & CHIVE hot cross buns! Who would like this recipe??”


The post has attracted hundreds of comments, with users saying “You know, I know food evolves, but I‘m not so convinced by anything that’s not a traditional hot cross buns.’’

“I love cheese – but I’m not sure a cheesy hot cross bun is OK,” one person said.

“No thank you. Non-traditional hot cross buns are not for me,” another commented, while another simply asked: “Why?”

We are not sure about this at all..

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