OK, we don’t really know what’s going on over at Vegemite but here we are.

This afternoon Vegemite posted this picture to Facebook and it’s gone bonkers.

It was captioned “Get on board with umami! Would you ever, have you ever?” with the hashtags #VEGEMITEsushi and #StartwithVEGEMITE.

Apparently, umami means ‘savoury’ – one of the five basic tastes that also include sweet, sour, bitter and salty. To be more specific, it means ‘pleasant savoury taste’ in Japanese.

Not gonna lie, I had to Wikipedia that.

Comments on their Facebook page have ranged from “Whaaaaa?” to “A waste of perfectly good Vegemite IMO” to “Let’s do this!”


What do you reckon, tempted to add a little Vegemite to your California Roll?