Supermarkets challenger Aldi is saving Australian shoppers more than $2 billion on their grocery bills each year, a new report shows.

The data produced with the help of business advisory firm PwC also found the company delivers a massive $3.3 billion in benefits a year to the national economy, mainly through its production and supplier partnerships.

“We’ve created careers for thousands of employees, driven enormous growth for private label manufacturers in Australia, and directed billions of dollars into the national economy via real estate, store construction, wages, business partnerships and taxes paid to government,” Aldi Australia CEO Tom Daunt said.

Aldi, a global and private family company based in Germany, also credits its presence in the highly competitive food and grocery sector over the past 18 years in Australia for driving down prices for consumers.

By comparing similar baskets of goods, the report found Aldi customers saved $2.2 billion a year compared to the other major supermarkets.

“Aldi (also) had a downward force on the price of all groceries resulting in savings of $450 million for customers that chose to shop elsewhere,” the report added. Aldi opened its first Australian store in 2001.


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