The decision to go completely meat-free on Monday has turned out to be not a bad one for burger chain Grill’d.

On Monday, Grill’d pumped the brakes on meat, rolling out four meat-free ‘Beyond Burgers’ instead.

The patties were designed to have the same taste and texture as meat but made from pea protein and beetroot.

Thing is, despite some reports that Grill’d copped a huge backlash, the responses on social media have actually been a complete mixed bag.

Grill’d’s main post to Facebook had almost 4000 comments and shared 870 times.

Here’s a snapshot of responses to Monday’s plant-based menu:


– Loved the burgers today – guilt free, no sadness and maximum taste.

– I will now not spend my money at Grill’d any longer. I am more than happy for businesses to make sure they have food that suits all, what is not Ok is when you take away my option as a carnivore to eat the burger of my choice.

– Love this idea. I have actually never been to one of your stores but you have definitely won yourself another customer due to Meat free Monday. Absolute respect to your company and that you are trying to help the environment & the animals.

– Grill’d love your burgers but not without meat in them! You’re doing this for a minority group! You should be supporting Aussie farmers more than ever right now who put their lives on the line to survive. I’m disappointed you have to always take the political road.

– Wonderful initiative Grill’d!! So proud of you. Count me in as a customer.

– No thanks good burger has beef and lots of bacon


– Thanks for this grill’d and a huge thanks to the cry babies for a good laugh. Their outrage is hilarious.

– Terrible idea. Witnessed 3 groups of people turning away, restaurant had 1 person in! I turned away with my daughter, we were looking forward to our favourite burgers so disappointing really. Really can’t see the problem with meat? But hey if you want to loose (sic) more customers do it again.

– Top work Grill’d. We specifically went to one of your outlets and enjoyed delicious vegan burgers today to support your courageous promotion.

– I don’t agree with your meat free Monday .. there is enough division in our community as it is .. I can’t see why you don’t have awesome vegetarian and vegan offerings on your everyday menu. Cater to everyone all the time ..

– I’m definitely never going to be anything close to resembling a vegan, but I just ordered a meat free burger to support the cause. No complaints at all, would order again. It’s ok ppl, you won’t die.

– Great to see you not supporting the cattle farmers. I won’t be going to this place again


– I just saw this earlier and I’ve now canceled my previously arranged dinner plans for tonight and I’m coming to Grill’d instead.

– Lost a customer here. It’s a choice whether to eat meat or not, and your customers should have the choice of what to order.

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