If you haven’t delved into the land of Dutch snacks then you’re in for a treat.

Nobody does bikkies like the Dutch. NO ONE.

So when I say you’re going to want to head into Aldi on Wednesday for their Dutch themed special buys, I mean it.

We’re talking chokkie dipped puff pastry biscuits, peanut snaps, cream filled crispy cakes.

Have you had Dutch STROOLWAFELS? They’ll change your life.


Think crispy waffles stuck together with chewy syrupy caramel toffee stuff.

You’ll be able to get your mitts on the iconic Bramwell’s Speculaas spread and even try some of the OG Spekulatius biscuits that the spread is made of!

From Dutch foreign candy, authentic sauerkraut to Chocomel Dutch chocolate milk.


Everything is on sale and it all goods LOOKS TASTY.


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