Coles have revealed that this year has been the ‘greatest test of our lifetime’ as the business was hit by bushfires, floods and then COVID-19.,

Speaking today, Steven Cain said “There has, and will be, much to learn from COVID-19. We are determined to emerge as a better, stronger business and team. Our purpose of sustainably feeding all Australians to help them lead healthier, happier lives is now more relevant than ever.’’

The supermarket has seen sales go up this year by 6.5% to $32.99 billion, of which it says can be attributed to some Coronavirus buying as well as its liquor sales, which have gone up by 3.2%, to $3.3 billion.

Liquor sales boomed in the latest quarter, especially, with sales up 20 per cent.

So, it looks like with us all stuck at home, we took to zoom and few beverages at home to keep us going!


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