Forget drinking your favourite drop to get lit! Thanks to these new candles, you can experience the delights of your alcoholic beverage of choice without actually consuming it!

In order to help those who will be going without alcohol for dry July, Menulog have launched a support group of sorts – a limited edition range of alcohol scented candles – to help you get through the alcohol-free time.

Now before you say it, we know. Sometimes even the slightest whiff of a certain alcohol can instantly take you back to that one time that you 100% overdid it, so why would you want your whole house to smell like that?

Well let us just say, that these five delicious flavours have been specially crafted to make sure you only get happy memories of the drink, not the sickening kind.

The flavours include Mulled Wine, Champagne Cocktail, Scoth Whisky, Espresso Martini and Pink Apple Cider.

While those scents alone are enough to get us on board, what’s even better about this range is that with Menulog you can actually grab the candle for FREE while stocks last!

That’s because each alcohol-scented candle has been carefully paired with it’s perfect accompanying meal! So all you have to do is order that meal from Menulog, and you’ll get the candle absolutely free!


The meals and their matching candles can be found below: 

Scotch Fillet Steak with Mulled Wine Candle, available from Godfathers Pizza Cafe (Yarraville, VIC)

Spicy Prawns & Chorizo Traditional Style Pizza with Champagne Cocktail Candle, available from Manoosh Pizzeria (Enmore, NSW)

Barbecued Chicken Wings with Scotch Whisky Candle, available from Base and Burger (Mount Annan, NSW)

Sticky Date Pudding with Espresso Martini Candle, available from La Porchetta (North Melbourne, VIC)

Smokey BBQ Pork Pizza with Pink Apple Cider Candle, available from Pizza Miltonio (Milton, QLD)


The candles will be available from the Menulog app from July 1! But be quick if you want to get your hands on one because they’re only sticking around for a limited time until July 31.