What a choc-ing decision!

Chocolate lovers are in a spin after Cadbury announced it would reduce the size of their iconic Family Block again.

Fans of the chocolatey-goodness were left wondering how small these Cadbury family blocks can get, given it wasn’t that long ago that they went from 250gms down to 200gms.

Word is that this time they will reduce to 180gms.

The consolation is that the price should fall but by how much, no-one is saying.

“Rather than raising the recommended retail price, we’ve made the call to reduce the size of our Cadbury family blocks, and also bring down the recommended retail price slightly, so that our blocks can continue to be an affordable treat for all Australians,” CAdbury’s statement read.


The comments section on Facebook where Cadbury made the announcement is a strong indication that the reduction in price will not be sufficient to keep the chocoholics happy (that’s putting it nicely).