I felt a strong desire to share this with you all ahead of the warm weather that will inevitably descend upon us all.

The brand Basic Babe alongside selling canned cocktails and alcoholic sparkling water has also got a line of BOXTAILS aka. Boxed Cocktails!

Now ‘Basic Babe’ leans into the idea that ‘girls’ that drink colourful ‘Cruisers’ are ‘basic’ as if drinking a delicious yummy alcopop is lame compared to forcing yourself to down a yeasty old smelly beer… that’s lame guys.

I’d much rather have a great time in the sun with something that has strawberries in it and if you’re really at peace with yourself, you’d agree with me.

The Boxtails come in 3 of your fave cocktails, Raspberry & Lime Margarita, Passionfruit Martini, Pink Gin Daiquiri in 2 LITRE caskets.

Raspberry & Lime Margarita

The softness of the raspberries is contrasted perfectly with the acidity of the lime. Fruits are punchy on the palate.


Passionfruit Martini

Passionfruit is the hero of this cocktail which is a fresh twist on an old-time classic. With a smooth mouth feel this martini is very sessionable.

Pink Gin Daiquiri

The softness of strawberries is perfectly paired with an aromatic pink gin and twist of lime leaving a lasting flavour on the palate.

They’re stocked in BWS for $30 a box, and if you’re lucky you could order one and it’ll be delivered within the hour!

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