Close your eyes and picture this.

The sound of bacon sizzling in a pan, the smell filling the air and wrapping you in it’s amazing bacon love.

Now open your eyes. This scenario could be your JOB if you play your cards right.

Extra Crispy is scouting for a Bacon Critic (this is not a drill) for a three month stint.

They want a witty, sharp writer who is passionate about bacon to write reviews for them.

This is the job spec and it may be the greatest one of all time, “Do you like eating strips of cured pork belly, a.k.a. bacon? Do you have strong feelings about what makes good bacon good and bad bacon bad? Is “bad bacon” even a thing? Can you string words into sentences and paragraphs that convey information and entertain readers?”


What a time to be alive.

As things stand only folks over in the US can apply, but we think they should open this up to Aussies because let’s face it – we know a thing or two about bacon.

Source Huffington Post


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