Coles are launching an Australian first in Melbourne with an experimental new brand, which is an attempt to get a cut in Australia’s convenience store market.

There are three of them operating Kew, South Yarra and Windsor and will have an extended range of healthier meals and snack options including bananas, wraps, handmade sandwiches, sushi, salads and ready-made meals.

The stores will also offer 80 cent coffee which undercuts their rivals 7-eleven by 20 cents.

One of the offerings is a frozen drinks machine, clearly designed to compete with 7-Elevens slushies, called the Guzzle Bomb. A photo in The Australian shows the machine in the background with graffiti-style instructions: “Grab a cup > Mix it up > Booyah!”.

The store are concepts and will be removed if they are not successful. They have overtaken the ‘Coles Express’ stores which operated alongside Shell garages.