While all the cafés have been closed, all the kids (and adults) have been missing out on a classic treat – the milkshake. With so many flavours to choose from, its a go-to at any time of the year and it has sadly been missed.

Fortunately, Aussie mums have cracked the code and have started decking out their own kitchens with their own milkshake stations after discovering an online store selling syrups for just $9 per three-litre tub!

Australian made and owned food supplier Edlyn, who have been known for selling cordial flavour and fruit peels since the 1920s, have got a range of flavours from chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, caramel, mango, cookies & cream, spearmint and even blue heaven!

Shoppers even get free delivery if they spend $50 or more at checkout and families can’t get enough. You can even buy pumps for the bottles (though at time of publishing, they were all sold out.)

Feel like making your own milkshake station? You can check out Edlyn’s range of products here.

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