Arnott’s have revealed a little know secret about one of our favourite biscuits.

And you would never know unless you had been to every state and tried the same product.

That’s right, the Ginger Nut biscuit has FOUR different recipes used across Australia, because as Arnotts said “The Ginger Nut started long ago, back in the 1960s, when we used to have different bakeries in different states each making a Ginger Nut biscuit that their locals loved.’’

“When Arnott’s became a national company we looked at the possibility of selling one Ginger Nut nationally.’’

“However, Aussies in each state made it clear they loved their homegrown variety, and there’s just no substitute for their Ginger Nut, the version they had grown up and loved,” they told

Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory all share the same ‘sweet’ version, while Victoria and Tasmania enjoy an even sweeter version.

New South Wales and the ACT share the same “thick and hard” recipe, while those living in Queensland a “thin, sweet and dark” recipe.


All of them weigh 250g, however.

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