As supermarkets transform with the times, we wouldn’t blame you for being a little confused with new additions. Sometimes it is more about the simple things in life.

One example comes from a Woolworths shopper named Ian, who recently took to Facebook to share his experience about spotting an odd sign at his local store.

He explained that he noticed that there was a sign over one of the counters that it was ‘confectionery-free’. His mind automatically thought it meant he was unable to purchase the lollies he had grabbed off the shelves and had to move on.

“At Woolworths, lady in confectionery free checkout motions that she’s open. I say, ‘Oh I’ve got lollies,’ and that going to another checkout.

“She starts laughing and says, ‘You can still go here, it means we have no confectionery displayed for the kids’, while still laughing.


“Say what?! All this time I thought it meant you can’t use the land if you have confectionery!”

It definitely made Facebook users checkout and some didn’t realise stores had this feature – though Woolworths has since said the checkouts have been around for 20 years.


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