Having to waste food definitely hurts the soul a little, so when we hear about hacks like this, they instantly go into our bookmarks!

An Aussie mum has shared her trick for making bread rolls “fresh” again on Facebook and it only takes a few minutes.

“I’ve been conscious of reducing my waste and the job of using up stale bread rolls has always been a problem,” the woman wrote.

“There’s only so many breadcrumbs I can keep in the freezer and my kids aren’t a fan of defrosted rolls. My mum told me a trick her mum used to do back in the day, and it really works.

So what is it? All you need to do is simply run it under a tap until it’s wet and then pop it into a hot oven for a few minutes.

“Honestly, it’s like you just bought it from the bakery – so fresh, so yum.”

Other members of the Facebook group Budget Friendly Meals Australia backed her up, saying the hack had been passed down from generations.


“I do this with tiger bread for soups if it goes stale. I wet them with some milk with a pastry brush and chuck it in the oven. As good as new,” one user wrote.

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Follow @ReduceWasteNow to learn how you can help the environment! . Have you revived stale bread before? 🥖 . Did you know you can easily revive stale bread? All you have to do is run your stale bread under the tap (it seems weird but it works), then pop the bread on a tray and into your oven on the "warm" setting, or at 200° for a few minutes, make sure you check on it and leave it in the oven or take it out as needed! 🍞 . To prevent your bread from going stale too often, try freezing it! If you have a lot of bread and don't think you'll be able to finish it before it goes stale, toss it in a cotton bag then throw it in the freezer! . Have you tried another method of reviving stale bread? Tag someone who's trying to reduce waste! #ReduceWasteNow . #stalebread #cookinghacks #foodsystem #plasticpollution #waronwaste #nowastedfood #noplanetb #sustainabledevelopmentgoals #wastemanagement #zerowastecommunity

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Honestly, how clever are mums?



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