An Aldi worker has revealed a secret symbol that exists on the tickets for some of their most popular buys and it will tell you one thing..

If it’s going to disappear.

The Aldi employee said that any products that have a ‘D’ on the ticket means that it will be the last run of the product and once sold out, it’s gone.

“For all you Bao Bun lovers out there, it might be time to stock up,” she wrote on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“They were on the discontinued list yesterday.

“My first thought when putting the (little) ‘D’ on the ticket ‘Ohhhh the Aldi Mums are going to be disappointed.’”


Fans were disappointed with one saying “I’m going to buy like five packets and not even be sorry about it.’’

Another said, “Now this will be a justified pandemonium with scenes similar to the great toilet paper shop off in 2020.”

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