When it comes to kids parties in Australia, there’s one simple treat that has been served up for generations: Fairy Bread!

Everyone loves munching on some fresh white bread smothered in butter and then drowned in 100’s and 1000’s!

American food magazine Epicurious has written a review of the party treat and it’s fair to say that like most things Aussie like cricket and vegemite, these Yanks don’t quite get it.

“To make fairy bread, use a nice cultured butter and spread it on thick; about 2 tablespoons per piece of toast. As for the sprinkles, although classic round rainbow sprinkles are traditional for Aussies, I much prefer the texture of sparkly sanding sugar, which makes the treat more like the sugared toast I grew up with.

Despite its striking appearance, in Australia, fairy bread isn’t considered fancy food—the toast is usually eaten as breakfast, as a snack in-between meals, or after dinner to finish off the meal.”

Fairy bread for breakfast???


The person who wrote this probably thinks that Aussie’s ride kangaroo’s to work and that Crocodile Dundee is our Prime Minister…!