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How did you wake up this morning? Chances are you didn’t wake up feeling well rested and ready to take on the day.

You’re not alone!

We’ve gathered our top tips in order to get the most out of your sleep, to have you waking up ready to seize the day!

1. Get Some Sun
Daily exposure to sunlight has been proved to help you achieve better sleep. So make sure you are getting out during the day for at least two hours if possible.

2. Turn Off Your Phone!
Reducing blue light exposure in the evening is also going to be super beneficial. This means cutting down your time on smartphones and computers, or even getting yourself some blue light glasses if you are unable to reduce usage.

3. Be Consistent
Try to sleep and wake at consistent times. Your body functions on a set loop, and being consistent with this can help your long term sleep quality. This includes weekends!

4. Get A Good Mattress
Sleep in comfort! Are you treating yourself to the best mattress out there? Memory foam mattresses will help you dream easy – and Canningvale Australia have a great range!


5. Treat Yourself To New Linen
And while we are on the bedding, have you replaced your linen lately? Make sure your doona is the right weight for the warmer weather – Canningvale Australia has a great range of summer weight doonas too!

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