Express, self-serve, card-only… you just have to look at the kind of checkouts we have now to know that supermarkets are geared to get to get shoppers out, quick smart.

Amazon has even come up with a cashless concept store, so there are no checkouts at all.

But not all shops have this kind of technology. At least not yet. Which means it’s still a common thing to be stuck in a busy supermarket line where someone at the checkout is clearly taking their sweet time.

Which is why a couple of supermarkets in Scotland have introduced “relaxed” checkouts.

The idea was developed in hopes that people in need can move along at their own pace without feeling “rushed or under any pressure”.

“It was highlighted to me that people living with dementia can feel under pressure when they reach the checkout, and it struck me that this could be true for others as well,” said Tesco’s Kerry Speed.


“Early feedback from customers has been very positive. Although it’s a simple gesture, we hope this will make a difference.”


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