There used to be a more entertaining way to be locked down… and that was in an escape room. Getting together with friends, family or colleagues to complete puzzles in a bid to get out of the little room without getting too claustrophobic.

Unfortunately, the days where a bunch of people could all cram together in a confined space are long gone and if you’re looking for that experience again, this will be the next best thing – and you won’t need to leave your living room!

Funlab, the guys behind venues like Holey Moley and Strike Bowling, have just opened two Virtual Escape Rooms for teams of up to eight to give a crack at.

There is a Pirate Island which will see your crew search for treasure, or you can head to a school of wizardry to unravel some spellbinding mysteries.

If you’re keen to do something other than stare at the wall during iso, text your mates and co-workers and click here to check out the escape rooms. It’s $150 for 60 minutes, which includes a helpful game master who is there if you need advice during your conquest.



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