It’s a special day in every person’s life when they can afford a really good vacuum cleaner. It’s a true mark of hitting adulthood as clean up all that dust and dirt that falls onto the floor. 

Honestly, cleaning becomes more like a good time than a chore!

One of the brands a lot of people always have their eyes on is Dyson. The brand are known for their powerful technology, which features in all types of cleaners. They’ve recently moved into air treatment and hairstyling space too!

If you’ve been eyeing off a Dyson product, the time is now… they’ve started a flash sale!

The website has taken hundreds of dollars from some of their most popular products, including the almighty V8 Origin Handstick and Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor and Animal.

It doesn’t stop there – their popular desk fans are now on sale too with up to $150 off the regular price.

And last, but certainly not least, their now-iconic hairdryers are included too! Whilst the products are not ‘on sale’, they are limited edition colours, so if you want one in either iron and red, or blue and gold, you’ll want to think quick.


Shopping, anyone? Go here!

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