Often when we talk about social media, it’s in reference to the negative affects that it can have on people. But this story shows just how helpful and powerful it can be when used for the right reasons!

You may have seen a post going around on Facebook recently introducing the world to the adorable Dumpling – a blind Labrador who was abandoned at the age of 10 after being used as a backyard breeding dog and left overweight.

“I had some puppies over the years and I guess my old owners didn’t need me anymore,” read the Facebook post by Labrador Rescue.

It went on to ask if anyone would be able to take Dumpling into their family and give her a nice warm home.

And guess what? After the post practically went viral and Dumpling became a social media superstar, the good news is that she has officially found her forever home!

(Side note – this was her reaction to going viral – ADORABLE!)


This is the just the sort of good news we needed to get through the rest of the week! Also, to Dumpling’s new family if you’re reading this, please keep the content coming because she just lights up the entire social sphere!

If you would like to find out more about adopting dogs from the Labrador Foundation you can do so here! You can also donate to the Petbarn Foundation which helps look after these dogs in foster care as well as helping them find new homes.

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