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With so many changes happening all around us when it comes to our health, we asked the one and only Dr Rochford to help us answer your questions about Digital Health, and about the options now available for all Australians to access.

YOUR QUESTION: How can I be sure my health record is keeping my information private and secure?

Dr ROCHFORD: Security is a key design element of the My Health Record system, which adheres to Australian Government security requirements. Many safeguards are in place to protect the information held in the My Health Record system, such as strong encryption, firewalls to block unauthorised access, audit logs to track access to records, initial and regular anti-virus scanning of documents uploaded to records, and system monitoring to detect suspicious activity.

There are people, processes, technologies and legislation keeping the information held in My Health Record safe.

People – The My Health Record system is monitored by the Cyber Security Centre within the Australian Digital Health Agency. All personnel involved with the administration of the system undergo security checks.

Process – A range of security processes limit access to the My Health Record system. External software goes through a conformance process before it is allowed to connect to the system. This includes healthcare provider software and mobile applications.

Technology – There is a range of technology to protect the sensitive personal and health information held in the My Health Record system.


YOUR QUESTION: Do I need to set up an account for my newborn baby?

Dr ROCHFORD: It’s your decision whether your newborn gets a My Health Record. When you register your newborn for Medicare, you can choose whether they will get a My Health Record.

This is part of the Newborn Child Declaration form in the ‘Parent Pack’ you are given by your hospital or midwife when your child is born. You will have control over your child’s My Health Record as an authorised representative until they turn 14.

If you don’t want a My Health Record created for your newborn, you will need to state your preference on the Medicare registration form. If you change your mind in future, you can create a record for your child before they turn 14, even if you have previously opted out or cancelled their record.

More information can be found here.

YOUR QUESTION:  Is it possible to see or track my whole family’s record on My Health Record?


Dr ROCHFORD: You will have control over your child’s My Health Record as an authorised representative until they turn 14.

Then beyond age 14 an individual can nominate a representatives and decide upon whom they would like to share their information with. A nominated representative might be a family member, close friend, or carer.

They must act in accordance with an individual’s will and preferences.


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