The term “Karen” might have become one of the most important insults of 2020, but you have to feel for all the women out there with the name Karen on their driver’s license.

We’re guessing that it has not been the smoothest ride for you this year.

But it might soon get just a little tiny bit better with pizza chain Domino’s signalling that they will be giving away free pizza to 100 Aussie Karens this week.

The promotion is for all the nice Karens of Australia in a bid to “take the name back.”

If you’re a ridgy-didge Karen all you need to do is upload a copy of your ID to the Domino’s website and tell them in 250 words or less why you’re a nice Karen.

The name has come to be used as a derogatory catch-all for recent examples of women flouting COVID-19 restrictions.


Most recently, a woman refusing to wear a mask in a Melbourne Bunnings was appointed Australia’s latest Karen, Bunnings Karen.

God speed, all you good Karens, may your pizza be hot and free.

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