Doctors have a released a warning as cases of the mosquito-borne Ross River virus have increased.

The virus, which can case joint pain and fatigue have spiked in the Geelong area with 25 cases, with another 31 along the Surf Coast.

In the previous period, no cases had been recorded in these areas.

According to doctors, rainy weather conditions could increase breeding and people are being urged to protect themselves.

“High rainfall in our region also creates conditions for Ross River virus to spread, along with the increasing numbers of people holidaying on the coast, Barwon Health infectious diseases specialist Associate Professor Deb Friedman said.

Ross River virus can only be transmitted by mosquitos and cannot be spread person-to-person.

Ways to help protect yourself against mosquito bites include long sleeve clothing, mosquito repellent, sound window and door screens and removing still or stagnant water around the house.