Victorians have had to get used to a whole new way of life this year and for many, that has meant working from home for a large chunk of the year.

With the easing of restrictions allowing groups of the workforce to return to their stations, it has left others wondering when they might be able to head back to their offices.

On Tuesday, Premier Daniel Andrews said that it was “a very difficult question to answer”.

“At this stage, it is best to plan, I think, for ‘If you can work from home, you must work from home’, being a feature of 2020,” he said to reporters.

“Obviously indoors is more risky than outdoors. This is not like a restaurant where you might be there for a couple of hours. People are there for a whole working day.

“You have shared spaces with much larger numbers of people – people in lifts, people in common areas – and then, of course, there is the small matter of people getting to work.

“Public transport at 75 per cent, or 85 per cent or 100 per cent of patronage presents some very significant challenges to us.”


It has been said previously that the working from home policy would be one of the last restrictions to be eased in Victoria.

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