Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed on Tuesday morning that despite the warmer weather, the mask policy will be sticking around.

“I think it has played a significant part in us getting to low numbers but masks outside, for instance, will not be with us forever,” Andrews said.

“They’ll be with us so long as they serve an important purpose.”

Andrews is yet to add a date to the roadmap on when the mask policy will be lifted despite the concerns of warmer weather.

“I think there’s probably a thousand different occasions where people have wanted me to put a date on things.

“That’s not the nature of this, you’ve got to monitor the situation daily.

“Today’s not the day to announce when we’ll change the mask policy.

“Today is a day to thank Victorians for wearing a mask, for playing their part, for that extra bit of effort that can be unpleasant, especially as the weather gets warmer.”