A bride has been slammed online after sharing what she is demanding from her guests on her wedding day.

On Reddit, people were shocked when it was revealed the woman had requested had asked attendees to donate $30,000 worth in gifts to pay for the reception and honeymoon.

In return for their generosity, guests could score prizes including the bride’s wedding G-string, Lindt chocolates ‘fed to you’, a ‘ceremony of appreciation’ and the opportunity to sleep on the couch during the honeymoon.

“Hope ya’ll are doing great and getting all of your wedding gifts (ha ha) prepared, your cold hard cash, and your large housewarming gifts for [groom] and I,” a private message for the attendees read.

“We really can’t wait to see you all (and receive your gifts LOL) this December.”

The bride then went on to remind the guests that they should still attend the wedding regardless of the concerns of coronavirus as a “handful” of guests had pulled out.


“This is dangerous because we have a $20,000+ monetary goal MINIMUM,” the bride explained.

“Ladies and gentlemen, most of this money will help cover the cost of this amazing wedding and goes right back to you. This is for YOU. Think of all the food, drinks and fun you will have.

“Heaven forbid if y’all are generous we will actually get to book our European tour. Ideally, ya’ll will donate upwards of $30,000 so [groom[ and I can spend a month travelling, bar hopping, swinging and more in Europe.

“Pleaaaaase have a bit of empathy for [groom] and I because COVID and its nonsense had actually added depression into our lives, so we really need y’all to open your wallets and just give a little bit.”

Reddit users commented with fury over the bride’s message, describing her as ‘desperate’.



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