The Pavlova has always been a staple at Christmas time, from the fluffy filling to the sweet passion fruit and cream topping, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

But Bec has decided to take a rather non-traditional approach to the Christmas classic.

She took her festive twist from a a recipe from British celebrity chef Nigela Lawson

‘”Chocolate pav? This is the best pav I’ve ever had.”

‘It’s simple to make, it’s a crowd pleaser, you’ll never go back to normal pav.’

But Monty wouldn’t stand for it!

‘Here’s what upsets me, when foods are perfect as they are,” Monty jumped in.


“It’s the same as at Easter time, when people mess with the hot cross bun and put choc chips in it.”

‘It’s as good as, leave it as it is! The pav is so classically perfect as it is, to put a sprinkle of cacao in there? No.’

Listen above to hear Monty’s whole reaction!

What do you think? Is Choc Pav going to be your new Christmas tradition?

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