A Woolworth’s checkout operator has been celebrated after the amazing gesture she gave a customer who couldn’t afford their groceries..

And it cost them less than $2.

The shopper, a mother, was just a couple of dollars short when she was buying her groceries and asked the woman at the checkout to remove an item so she could proceed.

However, the supermarket worker then disappeared before going back with a $2 coin,

She then told the woman to keep the change.

“My husband took our daughter to my in-laws so I could clean the house and have a little me time,” Jessica Hayat Atalla began in the post on the Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic.“Pretty much the first alone time I have had at home since she was born 10 months ago (and the longest we have ever been apart!),” the Woolies customer continued.

“So I was a little excited, even though I missed her soo much!


“After I finished cleaning I walked across the road to the local Woolworths to pick up some afternoon treats but in my excitement, I had left my wallet in the car, which my husband was driving, as it has the (baby’s) car seat.

“I had a little bit of cash but ended up also getting some cleaning supplies and was just short.

“I asked the young lady at the self-checkout if she could remove one item as I didn’t have my wallet and I didn’t have enough cash on me.

“She told me to hold on and I was thinking maybe she needed to get a senior staff member to remove the item, instead she came back with two dollars which was more than I needed and she even told me to keep the change.

“It really made my day!!

“Thank you so much the kind gesture was very appreciated.”


A Woolworths statement said ‘At Woolworths, our teams strive to bring a little good to everyone everyday, and this is yet another great example.’’ 

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