We’ve got the gadget that is going to make your life a WHOLE much easier when it comes to doing the laundry.

Laundry brand OMO has created a tech-savvy clothes peg that tells you when your washing is dry and will let you know when it’s about to rain.

Aptly named Peggy, it detects the UV light over your freshly-washed clothes and the temperature outside.

The digital creative director of JWT Sydney Jay Morgan said it combined the information it gathers with scientific formulas on the rate at which clothes dry.

“Once you’ve hung your clothes out, it matches weather information with the live readings it’s got to give you an accurate picture of when it will be dry,” he said.

“If you know what light is actually hitting (the laundry) and you know the humidity of the surrounding area, you can get an accurate indication to within half an hour of when your clothes will be dry.”


Peggy can also remind you when you forget to unload clean clothes from the washing machine.

With the smartphone app to accompany it, it determines the fastest drying times through the day.

“It can also send an alert to your phone when it’s about to rain and you need to get your clothes in,” Mr Morgan said. “It’s like a mini weather station.”

It’s currently in its prototype stage, being tested on five families and will call on interested parties to register online to try the product.

After a few adjustments before it hits the market, it could come down to a reasonable price, in the “tens of dollars”.

H/T news.com.au

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