As we move into 2021, there is nothing more some of us will want than an extended holiday and well, there is a yearly trick that means you could end up with double the time off.

By looking through the calendar and aligning up the public holidays alongside your plans, you could see yourself with some incredible time off.

If you wanted an extended Christmas break, then you should take three days off this year from December 29-31 and you will actually be able to be off from December 25 to January 3.

Australia Day weekend can also be extended to a nine-day holiday by booking just four days off, January 25, 27, 28 and 29, which would mean your holiday is from January 23 to 31!

In April, it’s possible to get a TEN DAY break from April 2nd to 11th by taking off April 6th-9th.

Anzac Day could also see you taking nine days off between April 24 and May 2 if you take four days of leave at the end of the month (April 27-30).

And, if you want to get ahead of the leave booking into 2021, Christmas could be TEN DAYS at the end of 2021 by taking off December 29-31, meaning you would be away from work from December 25-January 2!


See you at the beach.

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