There is a growing movement in Australia.

The sheer amount of Instagram and Facebook pages devoted to it, and hashtags like #kmartaus, #addictedtokmart, #kmartaddict, #kmarthome and #kmartliving (seriously, I could go on) is evidence of this.

Step aside Target and Ikea – #kmartstyling is now a thing.

Since starting her @kmart_bargains Instagram account in July, Aimee from Mandurah has attracted a whopping 144,000 followers.

She admits that her account, which is not affiliated with the retail giant, started as a bit of a joke before “it got really big, really quickly,” she told out sister station 96FM.

She said there were several Instagram accounts devoted exclusively to Kmart bargain hunting that have more than 100,000 followers and they chat and compare notes regularly.

“It’s not dorky anymore,” she said.


“I’ve got a $5 wall art hanging up now and everyone loves it.”

She and her husband have recently moved into a new house and said the new digs were pretty well decked out with Kmart bargains.

“My husband is not a fan,” she joked.

Other popular Australian-based Instagram accounts include – 











Katie in Bassendean called in to say she was definitely part of the “Kmart Kult”.

“The only reason I have Instagram is to follow these Kmart pages,” she said before launching into a string of recent buys.

She said she is now obsessed with “hacking” her Kmart purchases, one way is by covering a table using marble-look Contact. 

Yes, the stuff you would normally cover school books with.

What about you? Let us know if you’re part of the Kmart Kult!

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