If you’re a fan of keeping up to date with the latest technology when it comes to home entertainment, you may have stumped up a fair amount of cash to buy yourself a ‘cutting edge’ 4K TV.

And if you did you may be a bit miffed to discover that it has already been superseded by the latest 8K model which hits Australia next month.

Samsung, Sony and LG are launching their latest versions which have four times more pixels than their 4K cousins and feature even greater contrast, detail and brightness.

While more of us enjoy streaming services instead of going to the movies, how many people will be prepared to pay $9999 for the cheapest Samsung 8K 65-inch TV, while the 75-inch will set you back $12,999 while the enormous 85-inch model costs a whopping $17,499.

There’s also a 98-inch option launching later in the year and we can’t even bear to think how much that will retail for.

But will it be worth upgrading to an 8K TV when there is basically no 8K content available in Australia?

Netflix, Stan and Foxtel have only just started producing 4K content on a mass level, while none of the major content providers have revealed when exactly they will create 8K content.


And with Australia’s dreadful download speeds it would render streaming virtually unwatchable.

Netflix’s former chief product officer once told Digital Spy: “8K is only interesting if you’re going to sit too close to the TV,” he said.

That right, unless you put your nose against the screen (which we DON’T recommend) then you will struggle to see any difference in picture quality.

So, until the NBN gets up to speed (in every sense of the word) and streaming services catch up to this latest innovation, you might be better off sticking with the TV you currently have instead.


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