An IKEA store in Germany has accidently (but understandably) launched their newest collab product with LEGO.

Yes, LEGO and IKEA have collaborated. Finally, some good news for 2020.

Clearly the IKEA store in Wuppertal could barely contain their excitement by putting the BYGGLEK range out prematurely – and really who could blame them – but were forced to remove them from shelves.

“There was no sign of the products,” reported after they arrived on site to eyeball the products themselves after seeing them pop up on social media.

However, they did get tentative confirmation that the sets should be available at Euro stores from August and online from October.

The same couldn’t be confirmed for Australia, but we’re 100% buoyed by the fact they actually exist.

IKEA describes the BYGGLEK range as:


“…not just a simple box with a lid – this is a treasure chest full of tempting game ideas; a house that you can furnish; a staircase, a kit for creative people. And much more if you want.”



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