Supermarket giant Coles is hoping that bigger is better after super-sizing some of their products as they aim to take on bulk retailer Costco.

Coles is now offering bulk purchases of its goods – everything from Nutri-Grain to soy sauce.

Coles senior communications manager Martine Alpins told ACA customers would see savings of more than 60 per cent in some cases, and up to 40 per cent in “a lot”.

“Over winter our customers love to stock up on staples,” she said.

“Things that you don’t want to have to keep buying at the supermarket. You can buy once and have it there ready to go for your family”

Coles shopper Micah Webb told ACA:

“I think it gives us the opportunity as mums to spend less time in the shop and more time at home with our families,”


Some examples of the savings on offer include $5 for a 1kg bos of Panko bread crumbs, which normally sell at $2.70 for 200 grams – a 63 per cent drop.

A 2kg pack of San Remo couscous saves 46 per cent on the standard price, and a five-kilogram bag of Barilla pasta costs $14 – a saving of 28 per cent. 


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