Big W has revealed concerns a popular children’s toy could be deadly.

In response, the retailer has issued a recall of its Finding Dory Under The Sea Light Up Treasure Chest.

There are concerns children could swallow the toy’s batteries with the battery compartment lid not securely fastened on some products.

If the batteries are swallowed they can cause internal burn injuries and result in serious illness and even death.

They can also pose a choking hazard to young children.

The toy is described as a card storage box with drawer and light up feature lid. It also comes with decorating stickers and markers.


The recall applies nationally for purchases made between 1 June 2016 and 4 August 2016.

Big W has advised customers to “immediately cease using the item” and return it instore for a full refund.

Potentially Fatal Consequences For Children With Battery Buttons

Earlier this year consumer advocates called for tough new safety regulations to protect children from swallowing battery buttons.

It’s estimated around 20 children are presented to emergency departments each week after swallowing the potentially lethal devices.

Already two Australian children have died from severe internal injuries as a result.


Four-year-old Summer Steer was the first to die after swallowing a button battery on the Sunshine Coast in 2013.

She was taken to hospital after presenting with a stomach ache, fever and vomiting blood.

However she was sent home by doctors twice before it was discovered she had a battery stuck in her oesophagus.

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