Photos: ukalele / imgur

Dinosaurs, sharks, UFOs… babysitting can be a dangerous job – at least in the imagination of this couple!

After being asked to babysit a friend’s six-month-old, they decided to have some fun, sending hourly updates of their adventures to the parents.

And for anyone questioning their child minding skills, the couple have responded to comments they spent more time on Photoshop than with the baby, saying:

“True, we didn’t teach the kid how to read that day. We also didn’t expand his brain by playing classical music nonstop. We didn’t feed him an immune system boosting meal every 15 minutes. But he survived, giggled a lot was looked after the entire time by the two of us and went to bed at 7.30PM perfectly happy. And we will show him these pics in maybe 10 years or so and say: “Young man, we had an awesome time together that day”.”

Fair play.


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