An Aussie mum has divided the Internet with her savings #hack.

It’s not exactly the most ingenious of plans but the Gold Coast woman advised buying discounted milk close to its use-by date.

“This is two days over and it is still fine,” she wrote – and added that her three kids have never fallen ill from drinking old milk.

The post went viral in a Facebook group dedicated to budgeting.

“Sorry, I don’t even have it the day before expiry,” one woman wrote.

And others agreed: “nope, I would bin it,” one wrote.

“This is what gastro and projectile vomiting is caused from,” another added.


But it wasn’t all criticism, with some leaping to her defence.

“If it passes the sniff test I drink it,” one commented.

“Last week had milk that was five days past use by date and it was still good as gold.”

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